Our wood and laminate flooring range comes in a variety of different colours, thicknesses and grades, allowing you to find the perfect flooring for your project. We offer a wide selection from the quality fabricated low-cost options to the highest and elegant top end products, regardless of type you would choose: solid wood, engineered wood or laminate.

The type of flooring you choose for your home will make all the difference between contrasting looks, feel, warmth and quality. You have to think about your budget first, then about how you want each room presented in aesthetics and comfort.

stamex_flooring.special.prestige oak 3239.ac4.10.2
stamex_flooring.sardinia oak 619.ac6.12.2
stamex_flooring.praline oak 535.ac6.12.1
stamex_flooring.polar oak 627.ac6.12.7
stamex_flooring.polar oak 627.ac6.12.6
stamex_flooring.polar oak 627.ac6.12.5
stamex_flooring.polar oak 627.ac6.12.4
stamex_flooring.platinum venus.oak nike 3305.ac4.8.2
stamex_flooring.platinum venus.oak nike 3305.ac4.8.1
stamex_flooring.platinum venus.aphrodite oak 4904.ac4.8.1

Wood has been one of the most popular types of flooring for decades. Today’s wood flooring comes both unfinished and prefinished and in solid and engineered forms. Solid hardwood is 3/4-inch-thick, tongue-and-groove planks that are usually nailed to a wood subfloor but can be glued to concrete. Engineered wood flooring is a plywood-like material with a solid hardwood top layer. Conventional types can be nailed or glued down. There are also click-together engineered wood planks for a “floating floor” installation.
Wood flooring is best for spaces that don’t get lots of traffic, such as living rooms, dining rooms, halls and bedrooms. They don’t stand up well to rough handling. They can warp if they’re exposed to moisture for a long time, making them a bad choice for bathrooms or laundry rooms.
The main drawbacks of wood flooring are cost and maintenance. Notwithstanding the engineered wood a little bit cheaper than solid wood, it’s less durable than hardwood over the long run. 

stamex_flooring.platinum marine.atlantic oak 3788.ac4.10.2
stamex_flooring.platinum venus.achilles_athena walnut 3712.ac4.8.3
stamex_flooring.platinum venus.achilles_athena walnut 3712.ac4.8.1
stamex_flooring.platinum narrow.oak shaer 8633.ac4.8.1
stamex_flooring.platinum massivum.rembrandt oak 3751.ac5.10.2
stamex_flooring.platinum massivum.rembrandt oak 3751.ac5.10.1
stamex_flooring.platinum massivum.pablo oak 4912.ac5.10.2
stamex_flooring.platinum massivum.chagall oak 3749.ac5.10.1
stamex_flooring.platinum mars.mamre oak 4909.ac4.10.2
stamex_flooring.platinum mars.mamre oak 4909.ac4.10.1
stamex_flooring.platinum mars.hardian oak 4910.ac4.10.3
stamex_flooring.platinum marine.pacific oak 3280.ac4.10.1

Laminate flooring is constructed much like engineered wood, with a thin veneer over layers of plywood or compressed fibre. However, the top layer is not wood but a photograph under a clear thick polymer coating. That means laminate can look like wood, stone, tile, or just about any other material. Laminate flooring is much less expensive than hardwood, but it doesn’t fall short on quality and appearance. Due to resin coating it is strong, scratch-resistant and highly durable. It’s also resistant to fading from sunlight. If you have small children and pets, or you need flooring for an area that involves high traffic, laminate is the perfect choice. If anyone in your family suffers from bad allergies, laminate flooring is an excellent choice since there are no places for dust and other particles to become trapped. The underlayment provides a moisture barrier that not only protects the floor from damage, but also prevents mould from forming.
Laminate boards are designed to interlock, making them very easy to work with. They can be installed on nearly any type of subfloor, over most existing floors. Lots of laminates are suitable for use with underfloor heating, but it is advisable to check before installing the system.
When choosing laminate flooring, you need to consider wear ratings along with price and style. In laminate flooring, a wear rating is an indicator of how well the floor will stand up to daily wear and tear. There are five AC ratings for laminate floors, ranging from AC1 for low-traffic areas to AC6, meant for commercial use. Manufacturer’s warranties start at 10 to 15 years, and many go as high as 25 or 30 years for higher wear ratings.

stamex_flooring.platinum marine.atlantic oak 3788.ac4.10.3
stamex_flooring.platinum marine.atlantic oak 3788.ac4.10.1
stamex_flooring.platinum marine.adriatic oak 3793.ac4.10.3
stamex_flooring.platinum marine.adriatic oak 3793.ac4.10.1
stamex_flooring.platinum luna.livorno oak 3033.ac4.8.1
stamex_flooring.platinum luna.ferrara oak 3034.ac4.8.1
stamex_flooring.platinum helio.masala oak 2583.ac4.10.3
stamex_flooring.platinum helio.masala oak 2583.ac4.10.1
stamex_flooring.platinum helio.anise oak 2044.ac4.10.1
stamex_flooring.platinum blackpool.westminster oak 4918.ac4.10.1