Discover our selection of tiles for all floor types and walls. Whether you’re looking for bathroom, kitchen, hall, living room or patio tile, we have an extensive range to decorate them all. From traditional to cool, contemporary designs, we have tile for all tastes. Available in ceramic, glass, natural stone, travertine and other materials, our wall and door tiles are sourced from all over the world to meet your needs.

If you’ve never taken on a tiling project before, you might be surprised by the many different types of tiles available. To make it even more confusing, not every type of tile works for every job. And, of course, there’s your budget to consider. It’s hard not to feel a little overwhelmed. Let us help you to choose the right one tiles for your particular needs.

Ceramic, porcelain, mosaic tiles are the most common types of tile found in the home because it’s suitable for many applications. It’s easy to install, clean, and comes in hundreds of styles that can fit any design. For a bonus, if you’re looking to renovate on a budget, they offer a great price point. Technical, rectified, gres & semigres, glazed & unglazed, glossy & matt, polished & structured, red body or white body, it’s all about tiles. There are few classification types: abrasion resistance, water absorption class, slip resistance class, stain & chemical resistance classes, that you should consider in choosing of tiles. By the other side you should not look for best indicators by all criterias as it waist of time and money. There are no perfect variants of tiles, only in combination of some characteristics you will find the wright variant for your particular needs and place.

Tiles these days are available in a wide range of sizes. Some popular sizes for floors include 300×600 mm, 600×600 mm, 610×610 mm and 800×800 mm, while wall tiles generally come in sizes of 250×350 mm, 300×450 mm, and 300×600 mm. According to experts, large format tiles lend a more spacious look to space. However, it is advised to match tiles to room size. If the room is small, and you use large size tiles on the floor, then the room will look even smaller. For such a room, it is recommended to go for medium format size tiles like 250×350 mm. Also, it’s a good idea to opt for the size that entails a minimal amount of cutting and wastage. Always purchase an additional 5-10% more tiles than you actually need for a big room and 10-15% for a small. This takes care of cuts and breakages should you have any.

For flooring, it is usually advisable to opt for light colours to create an intimate look indoors. For outdoors one can experiment with darker colours. Light grey tiles, white tiles or cream tiles makes the room look more spacious and airy while the black tiles, brown tiles and dark grey tiles are easier to maintain. While there is a trend to use contrast grouting at one point, it’s always advised to use a grout that matches the colour of your tile. The focus should be on having thin grout lines and make them as less visible as possible.

A single tile laid over an entire surface lends a more consistent and spacious feel, but it’s a good idea to experiment with 2-3 tiles to lend your space a personal touch. For walls, one can use up to three tiles to create a unique and interesting décor. One can mix and match mosaic tiles with medium format tiles, decorative tiles with plain ones, play with patterns on one wall and use plain tiles on the rest and even use contrasting colours for a statement pattern. Many tile manufacturers sell tile concepts which are pre-set tile combinations.