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It’s important to know exactly how much space you have to work with when designing a bathroom. Grab a pen & a piece of paper to start your own drawing of a bathroom. The plan will help you understand where essentials like the bath and/or shower, toilet and basin can be positioned. Note, too, where the door is as well as any windows. Even a very small bathroom can be turned into a restful and practical space with some thorough planning.

There are plenty of shower enclosure designs and configurations to choose from. Your decision will depend on the size and design of your bathroom as well as your style preference. Shower enclosures come in three basic shapes: quadrant, square and rectangle. Framed or frameless shower doors comes in variety of opening options: sliding, hinged, folding or pivot to suit every needs and tastes.
Walk-in showers differ from enclosures in the sense that they are more of a showering area as opposed to an enclosed unit. They usually feature just one glass panel separating them from the bathroom, with no door and mostly designed to lie flush with the floor. happy 2.1
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Unless you are opting for an over-bath shower, you will need a shower tray or base, where water can drain away. Besides the style and shape you must also decide what type of material you want for your shower tray. Ceramic trays are strong and stable choice for classic bathroom, however, they are cold to the touch, extremely heavy and if you drop anything sharp or heavy on them they can shatter or crack. An acrylic or ABS shower tray are lightweight and often reinforced with wood. Like ceramic trays, they are affordable, but acrylic is more flexible, quick and easy to install. They’re also warm to the touch of your feet. Stone resin – the most popular material for modern shower trays, offering the best balance between weight and durability. Stone resin trays are made with shards of stone that are coated in a layer of melded resin, which is then polished into a smooth finish. The acrylic cap protects the tray’s stone core, increasing its durability and resistance to cracks and scratches. As an added benefit, they stay at room temperature.

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When you’re considering your bathtub options, there are few different ways bathtub installation can work and for some consumers, you’ll be limited in your options based on the space where your tub is being installed. Freestanding tubs are designed not to have any sides installed along a wall. Instead, they stand either on feet, as with clawfoot tubs, or on a base designed to support the tub’s full weight. These take up more space than most of the other tub installation options, since they aren’t tucked into a corner or space in the same way that built-in tubs are. However, the most common bathtub installation options are alcove tubes and corner tubes. They are typically installed in the corner of a room as a way to save space and are popular for consumers that have small bathrooms, but still want to be able to fit a tub in there. Platform (drop-in tubes) and undermount tube are in second please of popularity. These tubs don’t have finished sides. They are either dropped into or set on top of frames which are designed the décor of the room they occupy and based on the space they will take. They offer the opportunity to completely customize the exterior appearance of the tub and how it will function within the bathroom.
The second point to consider relates to the type of material. Most bathtubs you encounter are made in either acrylic or fiberglass (or fiberglass with an acrylic finish), because these are the most affordable options. Acrylic is a popular choice because it’s durable, lightweight, and holds heat in well. Fiberglass is especially affordable and conveniently lightweight, but prone to scratching and doesn’t hold heat as well. Cast iron, steel, marble, copper, cast polymer materials can give your tub a longer life and add a burst of style and beauty to your bathroom, but you should be careful to consider issues like maintenance and weight if you choose to go with one of these.


Fortunately, toilets have come a long way over the years, now offering numerous types, styles, designs, functions and flushing capabilities. Toilet style consists of two factors. First, how many pieces is the toilet is made from? Second, how is the toilet mounted to the floor or wall? Your three options for toilet style are one-piece, two-piece, and wall-hanging. Like the name implies, a one-piece toilet is made from a single piece of material. Most often ceramic, the material includes an integrated bowl, tank, and trapway. The one-piece design makes installation and maintenance easier. It also ensures a seamless fit between the bowl and tank, making for much easier cleaning. The two pieces are the toilet tank and the toilet bowl. You can buy these together as a set or mix and match to your preferences. You usually have to buy a toilet seat separately. Though slightly more difficult to clean, two-piece toilets are usually more efficient. They are also longer lasting as most individual pieces can be replaced as needed. Wall-hanging toilets more likely to see in a commercial setting but their popularity in residential bathrooms grows every year. These toilets feature a wall-hung toilet bowl and flush plate mounted securely to the wall. The toilet tank is hidden away behind the wall. The main reason to consider a wall-hanging toilet is their small size. This style of toilet is the number one choice for small bathrooms where space is at a premium.
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The bathroom basin is something we come into close contact with several times a day, so it not only needs to look great but also should suit your lifestyle and bathroom use. Multiple basins are perfect for busy families who use the bathroom at the same time. The first thing you need to consider in choosing the washbasin it’s how it will be installed. Wall hung basins are fixed directly onto the wall with brackets, creating a minimalist and spacious look. Many basins come with full (full leg) pedestal and semi (half leg) pedestal to cover the unsightly pipework. Table top or cabinet wash basins sits atop the vanity counter or cabinet so that the bottom of the basin is in line with the countertop. A Counter (countertop) basin also is known as the semi-recessed basin is partly sunk into a cabinet or worktop, so that only the rim or the front part of the basin is visible and all the pipework is hidden within with the unit. Another one type is the undermount basins (under countertop). They are installed from underneath a solid surface countertop such as granite, marble or concrete. Not the last part in your decision should take also the material basin is made of. We offer washbasin from composite material on a crushed dolomite (cast marble) or ceramic basis. The benefits of cast washbasins include perfectly clean edges and a flat storage surface. Ceramic materials offer a wide range of benefits, including high compactness and resistance, easy maintenance and beautiful, simple lines matching every bathroom concept.


Bathroom furniture is designed to cope with the humid atmosphere of the room. It’s frequently made from MDF or MFC (melamine faced chipboard), and can be finished with vinyl, acrylic or laminate, as well as wood veneers at the higher end of the market. Basin cabinets, whether floor-standing or wall mounted units, can enable you to create extra storage in a small bathroom. Choose tall bathroom units that maximise storage vertically to make something out of ‘dead’ space.

There are numerous modern shower heads, thermostatic sets, mixer tap faucets, waterfall bathtub sets, WC flush plates that are perfectly designed to transform your bathroom. And in incorporation with the accessories, from the matching collections, you complete the already created ambiance.